Tracking A Patient's Pre-Medical History Made Easy Now

A 73 year old former college professor, suffering from dementia is under care. He avails medical services from Home. He also has several other problems, including diabetes. Each time a care giver visits him, they have to go through a long process of finding out the various interim tests that have taken place, the medications that were prescribed etc., They have to do this on their own as they cannot rely upon him to provide all such details, his memory of things are going to be very vague.

Not only with the elderly patients, sometimes it becomes difficult even for the middle aged people to actually track and maintain their medical history. If they are being consulted by different doctors, each time they encounter a new doctor they need to produce their previous records for the physician to effectively administrate the medical care especially when consulting a Home Healthcare. The list of medications that the person used to take, when the medications were started and stopped etc., is also crucial for the Physician as he needs to prescribe the new medication based on that. An other thing that has to be noted down here would be the certain things that the patient is allergic to. Information on past/present illness (if any) also has to be taken into account.Only when all such details are properly gathered, a Physician can take a decision on what diagnose/care/surgery he can perform. All such things are very crucial as it will directly reflect upon the health and well being of an individual.

Also, there may be instances wherein the individual fails to keep these documents safely. There needs to be a one place where he/she can find all medical documents relating to them and those needs to be in an orderly fashion. The medications, diagnosis reports, scan copies, etc., needs to be arranged separately.

So, how do the Doctors/Care givers combat a situation like this? How do we make it easier for the patients to overcome this struggle?

Yes, all this has be simplified in a single click. There needs to be single store place which can be accessed by both the clinician and the patient. When a doctor visits the patient, he finds their previous medical history and scans them to upload it on to the patients account. This way, the particular patient can view it through a portal that has been assigned to them, at the same time the clinician visiting the patient can view all the required details.

The Scan documents feature can also be employed in another situation where in the Home Healthcare Provider/Agency needs to maintain a copy of a doctor’s or nurse’s practising license, proofs etc., This helps the management to keep things in line also the nurses/caretakers are authentic which gives the home care availers a sense of security and trust towards the home care organization.

Home Care Technologies provides this feature through its SaaS product paving way towards making the Home Healthcare activities easier.