Initial Medical Assessment Of Home Care Patient Inquiry

An initial medical assessment of Home Care Patient Inquiry is made by the Home Care agency before on-boarding as patient. And this inquiry mostly comes in through a phone call or website. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and when that first impression takes place on the phone, you’ve got to make sure that the best comes through in that brief conversation. The job of the person at the reception or front desk is thus as important as the care giver who is sent home to provide the necessary care or initial assessment. This is the first step/process any Home Care Provider would go through and the remaining work flow that follows entirely depend on how good the initial interaction happened. In such cases, documenting the conversation becomes an absolute need of the hour.

The initial enquiry is just the first step of the process and it is not always possible for the person at the front desk to remember all the details when handling multiple enquiry. Thus making a note of the caller’s details and the reason for the call is important. Some calls extend for a longer duration and some, only a few minutes just enough to collect the basic details such as name, problem for which they are seeking the Home Care Provider and the commercials.

These records while managed conventionally might lead to huge bundles of paper piling up taking much space and to retrieving the specific data becomes difficult or sometimes impossible. Also, when different people handle the job, there might be a lack of communication and coordination between them. But, now that technology has immensely grown, there can hardly be anyone that still sticks on to pen-paper. Having excel sheets to handle the task, needs human intervention to make analyses, generate reports and all this require an hawk’s eye. It is also very tiring and a tedious task to re-enter all the details once again after the client has been on-boarded as a patient. This may also introduce errors. To overcome all such chaos, we require a system that can effortlessly handle large volumes of data.

Not all Home Care agencies follow a specific work flow, some have dedicated Marketing managers to handle enquiry and maintain relationship with patients while others approach the situation with front desk person. In cases where there are more than one marketing personnel are involved, tracking the activities of each individual is important for the organization. Also, the activities with respect to each enquiring patient need to be trailed. This helps the admin to understand the exact obstacle that is faced by patient in availing the services. There maybe issues with the pricing or the distance to the patient location or the kind of service required by the patient may not be available with the care provider etc., All such details when documented, gives an effective report on the enquiry and the admin can look out for possible solution to on-board new patients.

Running a successful Home Health Care means a great deal and implementing process to move forward to be more organized and efficient is vital. Talk to us for handling even the most complex scheduling problems faced by Home Healthcare agencies.

Home Care Technologies – pioneer in launching SaaS solution to Home Healthcare providers in India handles this complex situation through LEAD MANAGEMENT module of the CET’s SaaS product

The Lead Management module has the following features:

  1. Collects lead data directly from website, campaigns etc.,
  2. Gives an over-all view of all the activities taken on a lead before on-boarding as a patient.
  3. Tracks, follows-up leads to on-board them.
  4. Allows the Admin to assign leads to Sales team members.
  5. Gives an analysis of how many leads have been converted by each Sales personnel.
  6. Provision to get a patient’s approval regarding care packs and payment.

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