Home Health Care And The Common Misconception People Have Towards It

Most families face the reality that there has to be someone at home to take care of the Elderly. They have all true intentions to provide good care to them and be there for them but the practical scenario is that, most people are working or far away from home that they are unable to do so. This very thought weighs them down and constantly keeps them worried.

It is at this point of time, they realize that there needs to be a dedicated care taker or a companion to assist them with day-to-day activities. They often approach other relatives or depend up the house maids etc., to help them with but again they are not sure that they would be the right ones.

Are these really true? Let us see.

“I have no say in who comes to take care of my Mom”

No, you do really can choose the caregiver that is going to come home to provide care. A good Home care agency first sets up a pre assessment with the patient to assess their needs and getting them into their comfort zone. An effective Scheduling system in place will help the Home care agency to provide the right match to you based on your comfortable timings, your needs, care giver you suggest and etc., You are now reassured that the Home care provider is majorly interested in your satisfaction. They also re-assign the care takers if you are not comfortable with the existing one.

“A person coming into your premises with whom you have not had an encounter with”

This rises a question of security as you have not seen him/her before and do not know if to let them into your house let alone take care of your loved one. And you have every right to feel so, but again the Home Care agency can always make sure that the care giver they are sending from their side is a qualified professional and send their details like name, contact and photo id prior to the scheduled appointment to the patient via the Patient Portal. This portal also serves an other purpose of communicating every other detail attached to the patient and the bill details. The patient’s responsible party can now securely log into this portal and see all the necessary details and make payments via the portal itself. There is no longer the need to make multiple calls to the agency to get your hands on each piece of information.

“My grand-father is not sick or terminally-ill to want a care taker or medical assistance, but just needs some help around the house, to remind important things, to assist him on his daily walks, help him buy groceries etc.,”

Home care does provide a wide variety of services to the Elderly. Non-medical services would just require for the care taker to visit them twice or thrice a week and the scheduling can be made accordingly. Some might need a companion to just not feel lonely as they are all by themselves in the house until the others arrive home from work, they can then avail a companionship package where the care giver’s primary role is to keep them engaged.

“Home Care is expensive”

Of course there is some cost factor attached to the quality health care that you look for. But, depending upon your various needs, this can save up a lot of time and be affordable too while compared to treating the same at Hospitals.

Successful agencies must help clients and their families overcome these common objections, creating trust and gaining the opportunity to serve. It’s the agency that reassures the family by directly addressing common concerns during inquiry calls and exhibiting a high level of professionalism and genuine concern towards them.

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