How Technology Has Enhanced Home Health Care

Technology in Home Health care sector has enhanced it in terms of both quality and feasibility. In today’s world, it has conquered almost all the Industry. Any sector you name it, technology has reshaped the way it was working. We no longer stand in queue for booking movie tickets nor we call the restaurants to deliver the food anymore. Everything came handy with increasing mobile apps and reduced data costs.

The consumer behaviour have changed in every industry, is the healthcare industry an exception? People book online appointments with doctors. Medical practitioners have moved towards electronic medical records long back. Even patients started to demand their records and started to maintain it digitally.

The senior population in India is ever growing and the percentage of elderly people, classified as those above 60 years of age, is expected to go up in India from 8% in 2015 to 19 % in 2050 according to UN. “Time” is what we do not have, each one is consumed in their own spheres and have hardly any quality time to spend with their parents. In some cases, they live abroad and travelling all the way down here becomes expensive and not a timely solution anyhow.

This increasing demand for quality care at the comfort of home, has made way for surge in home health care providers in India. Though many entrepreneurs have started venturing the home health care market, there is still lot more elders lacking quality care. But being a successful home care provider is entirely different from being a home care provider.

Most of the providers face the problem of handling their day-to-day operations and managing caregivers, a tedious task. Not to blame them, they cannot avoid it when working in an unorganized sector. Home health care will be organised with government interference and insurance covering the costs someday. But how many home care providers will be able to see themselves with brand value for quality care at that point it the real question.

The key problems the home health care providers face starts from managing the patients enquiry. It continues to maintain the schedule of the patients and match them with the right caregiver. Managing the reporting time of every caregiver at the patients location is another big issue, thanks to the rising traffic of the urban areas.

In spite of providing adequate care, timely communication of elders health status with son/daughter of the patient adds up another layer of work for the home care providers as most of them are abroad. Not to forget, managing the huge pile of bills and payment receipts which is a tedious task when done conventionally. We might even miss out certain payment records and no use in questioning the front desk manager when its already missed.

Being a pioneer and an award winning Home Health Care Software in India, we at Caring Elders Technology, have found technology can enhance home health care operations and introduced the solution for all these problems. The home health care provider can finally focus on providing quality care and improving patient retention without any operational problems to handle. With so many happy customers, it is evident that we can help any home care provider to implement technology and reduce paper work without any up-front investment and reduce manpower for managing the operations.

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