Will Home Health Care Be A Solution To The Increasing Healthcare Costs?

Home Healthcare – A solution to increasing healthcare costs.

The Indian Health care market is growing fast and so is the cost of medical services at hospitals. Amidst the rapidly increasing chronic diseases and the demand for quality medical care, especially for the elderly, the market is now opening up for home-based health care services.

Home Health care, a booming notion in India, striving to establish a stable market. It includes rehabilitative care after surgery, hospice care, physiotherapy, nursing care, companionship and palliative care, dedicated to relieving people’s physical and emotional symptoms when they face difficult situations. In most cases, there is no awareness among people about the concept of advantaging from quality medical services at home or often have misconceptions when it comes to the pricing. People tend to believe that the cost of treatments and services when given at home are far too exorbitant. On the converse, most post-surgery treatments and health services are more affordable.

Upon choosing to avail medical services at home, there is focused attention to the patient, comfort of receiving care in the familiar surroundings help recover faster. Not to forget, the significantly lower cost when compared to an extended stay in the hospital.

However, the increased patient outcome will still be the dominant factor in deciding the Home Health care becoming the most accessible for long-term care. The emerging start-ups and the existing home care providers must concentrate on the quality of service rather than the volume of service provided.